21 September 2023

The renowned beef dishes

Beef is one of the most popular ingredients in both European and Asian cuisine. It has a rich flavour and can be used in numerous dishes. With its taste and aroma, beef crosses geographical borders, connecting cultures and generations, having its enthusiast s all over the world – including Europe, Japan and Hong Kong.

Poland is known for many traditional meat dishes, in which beef plays a significant role. One of the most popular beef dishes in Poland is goulash. It is a thick stewe  with pieces of beef, onion, carrots and spices, served with Silesian dumplings or potatoes. Another very popular dish served at majority of Polish wedding receptions, and therefore loved by Poles, is stroganoff, i.e. beef goulash with finely chopped meat, pickled cucumbers, bell peppers and mushrooms.

In Europe, especially in French and Italian cuisines, beef is also really popular. One of the most popular dishes in France is boeuf bourguignon, i.e. stewed beef cooked in red wine with vegetables and spices. This exquisite dish has a deep flavour and aroma that attracts its fans both from France and abroad. In Italy, tagliata di manzo is of great popularity. This delicacy is a grilled beef steak served with arugula, parmesan flakes and a light drizzle of olive oil to complement its flavour. This simple but tasty combination makes this dish extremely popular among enthusiasts of Italian cuisine.

Moving to the eastern part of the globe, Japan is a country where beef also plays a key role in many traditional dishes. One of the well-known beef dishes is yakiniku, which consists of thinly sliced pieces of meat grilled at the table. During the meal, pieces of meat are dipped in sauces and served with side dishes such as salads, pickled vegetables and rice. Yakiniku is not only a wonderful culinary experience, but also a social one, as it is often prepared and eaten in the company of family members and friends. This is a perfect reason to spend time together, grilling and enjoying a variety of flavours.

Heading to the eastern part of Asia, Hong Kong also has its own unique beef dish that is very popular, namely beef brisket noodle soup. It is an aromatic bowl with gently cooked, juicy beef and noodles in a broth with spices and herbs. This composition of flavours and textures constitutes the essence of Hong Kong’s culinary richness.