9 November 2023

Study visit of beef importers from Japan and Hong Kong to Poland

Among other subjects, the possibilities of cooperation in the import of European beef were discussed during the study visit of beef importers from Japan and Hong Kong to Poland, which took place on October 22-27, 2023. The delegation was composed of seven beef importers to Asian markets.

On the first day of the visit, the participants took part in a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Representatives of the National Centre of Agriculture and the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate were also present. During the experts’ presentation, current export data and the possibilities and procedures for importing European beef to Japan and Hong Kong were discussed in detail.

During the mission, participants of the study visit came to see three plants exporting beef to Hong Kong and Japan – Zakłady Przetwórstwa Mięsnego (Meat Processing Plants) “Zaczyk” in Dębica and Łabowa and Food Service sp. z o.o. in Rawa Mazowiecka. Representatives of companies and the Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UPEMI) thoroughly described and presented the rules of EU beef production. The discussions also concerned the development of European-Asian cooperation in the field of meat import and export. They also allowed for a valuable exchange of experiences and observations about the industry in both regions. During the mission, meetings were also held in retail stores offering beef in Warsaw, during which preferences of Polish consumers were discussed.

“Thanks to this type of visiting mission, we can present our production standards to really large and significant importers from the Japanese and Hong Kong markets. Beef from Poland is already in sixth place in terms of the volume of meat imported by Japan, and we know that our plants still have the potential to increase this export. In Hong Kong, meat consumption is one of the largest in the world and amounts to 202 kg per person – of which beef consumption is as much as 22 kg, while in the European Union the average is 14 kg. This data clearly shows that it is worth building direct business relationships with importers from these markets,” summarized Wiesław Różański, president of the Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry. The study visit to Poland was organized as part of the information and promotional campaign “European beef on Asian markets” initiated by UPEMI. This unique two-year project aims to strengthen the business partnership between the EU and Asia, as well as promote beef produced in the European Union and the high standards of its production.