13 March 2024

European beef has captured the taste buds of the Japanese.

Recap of the campaign’s participation at the SMTS trade fair

The 58th Supermarket Trade Show 2024 has concluded. It offered representatives of the agri-food industry the opportunity to showcase their products, forge new business relationships, and familiarise themselves with the Japanese market. The event was a must-attend for European beef exporters, who promoted high-quality EU-produced meat as part of the ‘European beef on Asian markets’ campaign.

The SMTS 2024 trade fair was held from February 14th to 16th at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. It drew professionals from the agri-food industry, including exporters, importers, and distributors. The fair also attracted individuals seeking information on food and industry-related news, including production methods, importation, and the origin of imported products from abroad. In total, as many as 75,858 people visited the fair.

The SMTS 2024 trade fair has long been a platform for establishing new and prospective business connections.  This was also the case this year. The delegation members who participated in the ‘European beef in Asian markets’ campaign saw the event as a valuable occasion to conduct multiple B2B meetings, allowing exporters to engage with potential trade partners. The discussions held at the campaign stand revolved around EU beef production standards and the prospects for exporting meat to Japan.

To ensure that visitors were fully convinced of the premium quality of European beef, culinary demonstrations and tastings were organised at the campaign booth. European chef Sebastian Kornacki skillfully crafted delectable dishes featuring European beef. The menu included beef burgers or a local delicacy – beef with udon noodles. The enticing aroma of the dishes drew in hordes of visitors, who eagerly waited in long queues for a taste of the European beef.

One memorable event during the European delegation’s visit was a meeting with Mr Paweł Milewski, the Polish Ambassador to Japan, and Ms Julia Cichy, the Third Secretary of the Embassy. Ms Marta Szczygieł and Mr Piotr Kucharczyk, employees of PAIH, also stopped by the campaign’s booth at the fair. Both meetings revolved around exploring European-Japanese cooperation and assisting entrepreneurs interested in expanding beef exports to Japan.

Additionally, the trip encompassed visits to nearby retail establishments. Members of the delegation visited the Sugimoto Meat Shop and Lincos, where they learned about how meat products are presented and packaged in Japan. They also met with shop managers to better understand the local market and its needs.

The delegation members departed Japan with a wealth of new knowledge and market insights. We believe the campaign’s participation in the event will foster fruitful cooperation and growth in beef exports to the Japanese market.