25 January 2021

“Polish Beef on the Japanese Table” campaign has launched!

In October 2020, the Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry launched the second instalment of the “Polish Beef on the Japanese Table” campaign. It aims to develop trade relations between Poland and Japan in terms of beef exports and imports.

Polish beef imports are regulated by Japan under the 2019 Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and Japan and conditions agreed bilaterally between Polish and Japanese veterinary authorities. Since the agreement came into force, trade relations between Japan and Poland have intensified, with each year bringing major developments. Representing a wide range of beef producers, UPEMI takes steps to build mutual trust between Japanese and Polish business partners. As part of its activities UPEMI uses its business experience and cooperation with public institutions, such as the Polish Embassy in Tokyo and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, which help it in its efforts to familiarize Polish manufacturers and exporters with Japan and the needs of its consumers, and on the Japanese side to expand the circle of potential business partners and professionals cooperating with the Polish side.

As a large exporter of beef, Poland has a lot to offer to its trading partners. Meat production in Poland is carried out in line with high standards in accordance with European Union regulations, and the priority of livestock farmers is looking after animal welfare and the environment. It is obvious to us that farming and production should be carried out as naturally as possible, while also using modern technologies to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials and the production of by-products. All this is important for protecting the environment and, at the same time, has a positive effect on the product itself. Thanks to these measures, beef from Poland is characterised by optimum composition and low carbon footprint.

Want to know more about how we do it? Check out our YouTube channel – Beef from Poland!